Children’s Sensory Therapy are a group of independent, highly experienced and friendly Occupational Therapists, specialising in Paediatrics and Sensory Integration Therapy, and with a specialist knowledge of Sensory Attachment Therapy.

Occupational Therapy (OT) is a science degree-based, health and social care profession, regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council. Occupational Therapy takes a “whole-person approach to both mental and physical health and wellbeing and enables individuals to achieve their full potential” (Royal College of Occupational Therapists)

We work with children from birth to 18 years across several environments; home, school, and we also offer sessions in our Sensory Integration Clinic at Midlands Child and Family Therapy centre. We work directly with families and also with a range of agencies including health and social care, local education authorities, independent special schools, charities and other agencies.

The services we offer are personalised and tailored to the needs of the child and their family, and we pride ourselves on delivering a quality service.

Our aim is to support not only the child, but to ensure we provide support to everyone involved in the child’s care.  This can include working with parents / carers, teachers and teaching assistants.  By working with everyone it encourages the development of co-regulation, therefore helping us all to build positive relationships and experiences with the child.

We strongly believe that all children should be given the chance to reach their full potential through access to school, play, friendships and opportunities for shared joy, pleasure and fun.

Some of these areas may be challenging for some children.  With our knowledge and professional expertise we can help to support the child and their support network, by encouraging them to access learning, offering advice on adaptations to the environment in which they learn or live, and by helping them develop their skills, all aiding the development and a better understanding of co-regulation.

The primary focus of the assessment is to understand the child’s sensory difficulties along with their sensory processing needs, and how this might be impacting on everyday life skills and regulation.  All our therapists are Occupational Therapists with post-graduate training in sensory integration, and additional training in sensory attachment intervention.

Our Occupational Therapists are dual qualified at graduate level in both mental and physical health. Therapists working within Children’s Sensory Therapy Ltd have all undertaken additional post graduate training in Sensory Integration, allowing them to assess the neural processing in the child’s brain.

All our Paediatric (Children’s) Occupational Therapists are Senior Clinicians who have extensive experience helping children who have:

  • Developmental Coordination Disorder
  • Pathological Demand Avoidance
  • ADHD
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Global Developmental Delay