We offer treatment for Sensory Processing and Sensory Attachment based needs including:

  • Sensory Integration Disorder, also known as Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Sensory Attachment Intervention / Trauma Informed Sensory Processing
  • Support for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Support for children with Developmental Coordination Disorder / Dyspraxia
  • Support for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Support for Physical Difficulties and Learning Needs, including poor motor skills and handwriting
  • Development of functional skills
  • Support to develop gross (big) and fine (small) motor (movement) skills, and motor coordination skills
  • Support the development of regulation

As Occupational Therapists, all of our treatment is delivered through play and meaningful activities, with the child’s individual goals and needs at the core. Treatment can be delivered within the home, school or at our Nottingham based Sensory Integration Clinic, Midlands Child and Family Therapy Centre.

The treatment process requires collaboration between the therapist, child and the parents/carers.  Please note that videoing may be used, but only once permission has been agreed with parents/carers and the child.  The videos can then be used to analyse the sessions, and the findings used to feed into the final report and recommendations.

What our clients say

“The communication with CST prior to therapy starting was great… We started to see results straight away and have continued to see the hugely positive impact of therapy throughout and afterwards. We saw improvements in not just the areas that had been identified as needing support, but in so many unexpected areas too, including in his academic abilities, his self-control and his general well-being and happiness. And the best part of all, was that our son had no idea he was receiving therapy, he just saw it as going off to play and have loads of fun, we were then astounded by the changes we saw in our son. It was amazing! The venue our therapy took place in (West Bridgford) was great. Despite all the Covid risks and difficulties, the centre was great, our therapist had the perfect balance between keeping us all safe, and not allowing the restrictions to impact on the therapy. We have found everyone at CST to be extremely professional, highly motivated and passionate about what they do. We cannot recommend them highly enough”

Kerry & Jenny

The Treatment Process

Our therapist will contact you when your child is allocated to them and when they have availability to start treatment. Typically, the therapist will set goals with you and your child and discuss what treatment will look like. The therapist will then arrange the dates of therapy with you.